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We are a small, hyperactive recruitment and staffing company started in 2014 from Irvine, California. Our team takes on candidate prospecting confidently and efficiently.


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What We Do

Enlightsearch has a twofold mission: To provide recruitment solutions for clients demanding hard-to-find candidates to fill their most critical business needs, and to provide our candidates the assistance required to place them at an advantage over other applicants.


Lisa Mitchell

Talent Manager

I love helping individuals land their dream job, given any situation and location and with a respect to their unique talents.

Tony Cruz

Talent Search Specialists | Founder
It is very rewarding to offer opportunities that improve an individual’s career and at the same time provide my client with talent that will make a significant impact on their company.

Grace Steele

Internet Strategist

Identifying and connecting with top talent via internet resources is one of our key differentiators. However, achieving reliable results efficiently can be a challenge. Our success in this area comes from a deep understanding of each resource and their nuances.