The company was conceptualized and started by Anthony Cruz, a talent recruiter from Irvine, California. With over seven years of experience in full-cycle recruitment, Anthony has identified some of the biggest challenges of the staffing business. Of those, he became particularly concerned with the slowing down of the recruitment process brought about by factors such as ineffective strategies, jobs outnumbering recruiters, and too much layering between recruiter and hiring manager. To Anthony, a slow recruitment process is not acceptable, since it times out at some point, preventing hires and wasting time, talent and financial resources altogether.

Driven by a passion for finding and connecting the most qualified professionals to fitting positions, Anthony came up with a system that he firmly believes will solve the recruitment problems he identified. A major part of this system is respecting the strengths and weaknesses of each team member to appropriately apportion duties and responsibilities amongst them, thereby facilitating efficient performances in the separate stages of the recruitment process.

While working for PDS Tech as a senior recruiter, Anthony learned the technical, legal and financial aspects of the staffing business. On January 2015, he formally started Enlightsearch and recruited Lisa Mitchell to be on the candidate sourcing side and to strategize the job posting activities. By the end of March, they welcomed the third member, Grace Rowland, also a former PDS Tech recruiter, to be in charge of workflow streamlining and marketing campaigns. A month later, the team gained its fourth recruiter, John Wu, to specialize in sales.

Since this is just the company’s beginnings, promoting brand awareness throughout their professional network is a crucial undertaking that the team members carry out their recruitment tasks. So yes, expect to see them socializing online and in their localities.